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Don’t wait until it’s too late! Help protect yourself from malware and hacking attempts with a WordPress Website Security Audit.
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  • Protect Your Website & Reputation

  • Spot/Fix Potential Problems & Vulnerabilities

  • Personalized Security Recommendations

  • Full Security Audit Report

  • 24-48 Hour Turn-Around Time

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WordPress Website Malware Removal Service

Why You Need A WordPress Website Security Audit

A WordPress Website Security Audit can help protect your investment and your businesses reputation. If your website is ever hacked or infected with malware, you can lose business, trust, time and money.

Don’t think it will happen to you? There’s millions of hacking attempts every single day and WordPress websites are a prime target. In fact, there’s a good chance that someone has tried breaking into your website today, without you knowing! If you don’t cover all of your bases, it’s only a matter of time before they actually compromise your website and make you the victim.

With my WordPress Website Security Audit, I will analyze your website, files, themes, plugins, and hosting environment to find ways to make your website more secure. I’ll ensure that all known vulnerabilities are fixed and implement various security tweaks to further improve security. At the end of my audit, you’ll receive a full PDF report, along with personalized security recommendations and tips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will help prevent some attacks, but an audit does not guarantee your website can’t or won’t be hacked. With cyber security, it’s virtually impossible to completely eliminate all risks or possibilities.

If your website has already been compromised in some way, it’s too late for an audit. You’ll need my malware removal and remediation service.
Due to the nature of cyber security, there are no guarantees that your website can’t or won’t be hacked after an audit and there are no warranties, neither expressed nor implied.
I highly recommend using my Hosting Services along with my WordPress Security, Performance, & Backups Add-On. This will cover all of the on-going security updates and monitoring as well as remediation if something goes wrong.

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