WordPress Website Malware Removal Service

Order my WordPress Website Malware Removal Service to have your website cleaned, restored, and patched.

  • Manual Malware Removal By A WordPress Expert
  • Clean & Restore File Structure
  • Identify & Patch Vulnerabilities
  • Full Report & Personalized Security Recommendations
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WordPress Website Malware Removal Service

Unfortunately, this page is all too common. If you’re the victim of malware, relax and hire me to fix your hacked WordPress website!

WordPress Website Malware Facts

The cold hard truth is, most WordPress websites are hacked due to owner negligence. It’s usually not on purpose, though. Most new or DIY website owners don’t understand how important website security really is. WordPress website security is an on-going task that needs to be evaluated regularly. If you don’t manage your own website security, you need to hire someone to do it for you.

Unfortunately, many people let their websites become hacked over and over again because they don’t take action. As a result, it ends up costing more time and money. Moreover, it can negatively affect and infect your website visitors and your business reputation.

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Top 3 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Get Hacked

#1. Using Outdated Versions of WordPress, Themes, & Plugins

#2. Using Weak Passwords

#3. Using Untrustworthy & Nulled/Pirated Themes & Plugins

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WordPress Website Malware Removal Service – $175 Per Website

What’s Included:

  • Manual Malware Removal – I’ll manually inspect your website files and remove the harmful code.

  • Clean & Restore File Structure – There’s often a bunch of extra files added with malware attacks. I’ll be sure to clean and restore your file structure to it’s original state.

  • Identify & Patch Vulnerabilities – I’ll find out why your website was hacked then patch the vulnerability so it doesn’t happen again. I’ll also implement various security tweaks to help keep your website secure.

  • Blacklist Check & Removal Assistance – Sometimes an infected website will be blacklisted with various reputation services. If your site is blacklisted, I’ll assist with the removal process.

  • Full Report & Personalized Security Recommendations – You’ll get a full report of the work completed and personalized security recommendations that you can follow to further improve your website security.

  • 14 Day Malware Free Guarantee – You’re covered for 14 days if anything goes wrong as long as you’ve addressed all critical security recommendations.

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WordPress Website Malware Removal FAQs

If your website files were completely deleted or overwritten, the only way to recover them is to restore a backup. This is why it’s so important to have backups. Depending on the file and your specific situation, some files may be able to be restored.
No. Websites will always be vulnerable to hacking attempts. The best thing you can do is hire a website security professional to help you prevent them and be prepared if something does happen.
WordPress is popular because it’s easy to use, so there’s a lot of do it yourself website owners. The truth is, most website owners don’t know the first thing about website security. As a result, there’s more hacked WordPress sites.
Cheap automated malware removal services usually leave a mess of your files and they don’t actually fix the underlying problem. Hiring a real person to fix your website ensures it’s truly cleaned and patched.

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