WordPress Website Maintenance

Easy, Convenient & Affordable

Website Maintenance Overview

Just like your vehicle, all websites, especially WordPress websites, need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Without regular code updates, your website can become vulnerable to technical issues and hackers.

In addition to keeping the technical side of your website updated, keeping your content and user experience fresh and dynamic can help attract repeat visitors. Maintaining a website is an on-going process and there’s always room for improvements, no matter what type of website you have or what industry you’re in.

Whatever your website maintenance needs may be, I’m here to help! I offer general WordPress Website Maintenance Services for $50/hour. If you need 6 or more hours of work or you’re interested in on-going service, check out my monthly plans starting at only $297. Monthly plans can save you over $250 vs. ordering hourly and you can cancel/resume anytime!

Website Maintenance Perfect For:

  • WordPress Software Updates

  • Content & Design Updates

  • Plugin Installation & Setup

  • Creating & Restoring Backups

  • Fixing Technical Issues

  • Training & Instructional

  • Plus So Much More!

Website Maintenance Plans & Pricing


Hourly Website Maintenance

  • As-Needed Hourly Maintenance
  • Order as many hours as you want, as needed. Any unused time is added as credit to your account.
  • Easy, Convenient & Affordable


Monthly Website Maintenance

  • Up to 8 Hours
    SAVE OVER $100 vs. Ordering Hourly
  • Up to 2 Carryover Hours
    Per Month If You Don’t Use All 8
  • No Long Term Contracts
    Cancel Anytime / Resume Anytime


Monthly Website Maintenance

  • Up to 15 Hours
    SAVE OVER $250 vs. Ordering Hourly
  • Up to 5 Carryover Hours
    Per Month If You Don’t Use All 15
  • No Long Term Contracts
    Cancel Anytime / Resume Anytime

Website Maintenance FAQs

I have a 1 hour minimum when you pay for any type of hourly work. If your required tasks don’t take a full hour to complete, any remaining time will be credited to your account for future work.

Yes! If you only need one month of service, simply let me know anytime after you order and I’ll make sure you don’t receive any additional invoices.

If you order Monthly Website Maintenance and do not use all of your hours for that month, you can carryover the designated number of hours to the following month.

For example; You ordered “Up to 8 Hours” for the month, but only used 4 hours. You will only be able to carryover 2 hours to the following month, which means you forfeited 2 hours. If you fail to use the 2 carryover hours during the following month, they will also be forfeited.

You can avoid monthly time constraints on your hours by bulk ordering my standard hourly rate, which will be added to your account as credit and can be used anytime with no time-limit.

No. I never automatically charge you for any monthly services. Instead, you’ll receive an invoice for each month that you continue service. You can then pay that invoice at your own convenience, by the designated due date. If you don’t wish to renew after an invoice comes out, simply let me know.

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