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Website Hosting is extremely important and should be a decision that you and I make together to ensure proper website performance. Not all web hosts are created equal and even some of today’s most popular hosting providers are not all they are hyped up to be. Please do not make your hosting decision alone without contacting me first if you are not familiar in this area.

Did you know? I offer quality AND affordable website hosting through

I also offer FREE STANDARD SSL CERTIFICATES to comply with today’s growing requirements. Want extra security? I also offer PREMIUM SSL CERTIFICATES for an affordable price.

LeighHost rents server space in a state-of-the-art, private data center located in Lansing, Michigan. This data center is manned twenty-four hours every single day by highly trained and certified technicians.

The quality of my affordable website hosting is far superior to big budgets hosts like GoDaddy, HostGator, InMotion, BlueHost, and many more. Why? Check out my FAQ section at the bottom of this page!

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Website Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

I rent server space in a state-of-the-art, private data center located in Lansing, Michigan. This data center is manned twenty-four hours every single day by highly trained, certified technicians to ensure your data is safe and your website is constantly running.

Unlike larger hosting providers, I do not try to overcrowd my servers. Overcrowding servers is one of the biggest causes of slow website performance and downtime. I allot so many clients on one server to ensure everyone has more than enough space to run their website efficiently. Varying on the plan you choose, your resources will be flexible to accommodate everyone’s “shared” space or you can choose the option to have your own, dedicated space.

Another reason why my hosting is a higher quality than others is because everyone that hosts with me is someone that I’ve worked with directly for weeks at a time, so I understand their intentions. With larger hosting providers, anyone can sign up for hosting at any time, even if they have malicious intentions. It only takes one bad apple out of a hundreds on an overcrowded server to slow down your website or worse, get it blacklisted. When that happens, the damage is done. You can help prevent this from happening by hosting with me, since I know which kind of people are utilizing my services.


At this moment, I do not offer hosting on a month to month basis. Although I have a solid team of highly trained server technicians that help manage my servers 24/7/365, I am solely responsible for managing my own billing area. The minimum hosting term you can purchase is 1 year and the maximum term you can order at one time is 5 years. I apologize if you find this an inconvenience, however, it must be done to avoid a lot of issues and wasted time on both of our ends.

No, website maintenance is not included in the price of hosting but is available at an additional cost. An added benefit of hosting with me is that I’ll have easy access to your website if you do ever need website maintenance. Or if you need help with anything inside your cPanel, I can easily and quickly access it on my end to assist you.

Just like anywhere else, you will have your own billing and cPanel account where you’ll be able to access your website files, databases, statistics, emails, create backups and much more. A lot of smaller hosting providers don’t provide this option or give you the access you need – which can make it difficult if you ever need to access your hosting account for any reason.

Yes, even if you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can still host with LeighHost. You can simply update the name servers on your domain at your current registrar to point to your new LeighHost account or you can transfer your domain to LeighHost – which is a popular option for those who like to keep everything under one account. Domain transfers cost $15 and includes an additional year of hosting on top of your current expiration date. You also have the option to register a new domain through me for $15 a year. It’s completely up to you!

Yes! LeighHost utilizes cPanel, the world’s most recognized and trusted control panel. Within cPanel, you’ll be able to setup as many custom email addresses ( as you need varying on the plan you choose. I can even assist you with this if you need help and can send instructions on how to use your email address on the server.

I understand this is a common concern with smaller, less-known hosting providers. If for any reason, LeighHost chose to cease operation, you would have plenty of time to find a new hosting provider and I would even assist in transferring your website to your new hosting provider.

Affordable Website Hosting