Terms Of Service

(1.) Overview
This Terms Of Service Agreement (AGREEMENT) explains everything you need to know about Shawna Leigh Designs (ME, MY, I) products and services in clear, easy to understand wording. The purpose of these terms is to inform you, so that you know what to expect when working with me. Although these terms are clear and easy to understand, they are still legally binding. Anytime you order a product or service from me, you are bound by this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms outlined in this agreement, you should not order my products or services. If you don’t understand something or have any questions, please contact me before ordering any product and/or service.

(2.) Design Process
I provide a full portfolio of projects for you to review before ordering my services, to ensure that you are comfortable with my design style. Most design-related services such as websites and logo design typically begin with a short questionnaire, which will help me get an idea of your style and preferences.

  • (a.) Design Process For Websites – Once I receive your payment and the completed questionnaire, I’ll begin working on your website on my development server. Once the initial design is sent for you to review, you’re allowed unlimited revisions on the design for a specific time-frame as outlined with each website service (Basic WordPress Package – 30 Business Days, Professional WordPress Package – 45 Business Days, eCommerce WordPress Package – 60 Business Days). Once you’re satisfied with the design and overall website, I’ll transfer the website to your hosting account to make it live. Once a website is transferred to your hosting account, the design process is considered complete unless otherwise specified and I am no longer obligated to fulfill additional requests.
  • (b.) Design Process For Logos – Once I receive your payment and the completed questionnaire, I’ll begin designing your initial logo concepts. It can take up to 5 business days to complete the initial logo concepts. The No Limits Logo Design Package includes unlimited design concepts and revisions until you’re satisfied. The Budget Logo Design Package is limited to 3 design concepts and only 1 revision. These limits are strictly enforced. You can upgrade from the Budget Logo Design Package to the No Limits Logo Design Package if you exhaust your design and revision limits by only paying the difference. Once you’re satisfied with your logo, I’ll ask for approval to finalize. Once final approval has been given, I’ll finalize your logo files, which can take up to 3 business days. Once a logo has been finalized, no further changes or revisions can be made to it without incurring additional costs.

(3.) Time Frame
The average build time for a general website is 2-4 weeks, however, the actual build time will vary based on factors such as complexity, communication, additional requests, and unforeseen circumstances. Due to these time affecting factors, I cannot guarantee how long it will take to complete your website project. It’s always my goal to complete projects as quickly as possible. Your project will be started on the first business day (Monday-Friday excluding national holidays) after your payment has been received. Depending on the complexity of your website project as well as my current work load and unforeseen circumstances, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your initial design. If there is anticipation of a delay or if a delay is imminent, I will contact you with a status update. If your project needs rushed, you must contact me before ordering to see if I can accommodate your timeline. Rushed projects will be subject to an additional cost based on your timeline and requirements. The time frame for other services may vary.

(4.) Communication

  • (a.) I offer communication through email, phone, text messaging and Skype chat (no video, no voice) during my normal business hours. If I don’t answer you right away, it’s likely that I’m busy helping another client or running errands and will respond as soon as I can. I prefer email communication as it allows me to keep track of our conversation history, however, you’re welcome to contact me using any contact method previously listed. Although rare, sometimes emails, text messages, and even voicemails can get lost or accidentally deleted on both ends. If you’re expecting to hear from me but don’t, please try reaching me again, possibly through an alternate contact method.
  • (b.) When working on a project together, it’s your responsibility to make timely responses as well. If I do not hear from you for 30 days, your project will be considered abandoned and will be archived. If you would like to resume your project, there will be a fee of $75 that must be paid prior to resuming work on your project. This fee covers the time spent archiving and unarchiving each part of your project, including website files, databases, and correspondence. If you choose not to pay the reactivation fee, work on your project will not resume and you will not be entitled to a refund. In this situation, you may request a copy of your website project (website files and database) to be provided to you as-is, without any warranty or further support. In the event you need to take time away from a project for any reason, simply let me know so that your project does not get archived.

(5.) Payments & Payment Plans

    • (a.) I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Under certain circumstances and at my own discretion, I may also accepts personal checks, business checks, money orders, or cash in person. You must contact me first if you’d like to pay using an offline payment method to see if I can accommodate your request. Your project will not be started until your payment has been received and has cleared through the issuing bank.
    • (b.) Full payment is required for work to begin on any project. For projects with larger total costs, I may, at my sole discretion, accept a payment plan. Payment plan terms and eligibility are unique to each project and will be discussed and agreed upon through an external project contract.

(6.) Refunds
Refunds will be treated in accordance to this agreement. Some products or services may not be eligible for a refund. If at any time you are refunded for a product or service in whole or in part, you immediately lose the rights and ownership to said products or works created by Shawna Leigh Designs and all rights and ownership for created works shall be transferred back to Shawna Leigh Designs unless otherwise specified.

The following list of services and/or products are not refundable unless otherwise outlined below:
(a.) Website Hosting – Refunds will not be given on prepaid hosting terms that have been cancelled early. Instead, you will receive a pro-rated credit for any remaining full months of service that you have prepaid for. Credits will be added to your account and can be used towards any future product and/or service.

(b.) Domains & Domain Related Services – Due to the nature of domains and domain related products and services, no refunds will be given and all sales are final.

(c.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services – Refunds will not be given once a payment has been made and work begins. If you paid for 2 or more months of Monthly SEO, you can request a refund for any remaining, full months that have not yet started.

(d.) Website Design & Website Related Services – Due to the nature of work involved, no refunds will be given and all sales are final with the following exception: You are entitled to a full refund if you’ve paid for a website or website related service, but work for that service has not yet been started.

(7.) Payment Reversals, Chargebacks, & Disputes
(a.) Credit and debit card issuers require you to attempt to resolve any issues directly with a merchant before opening a chargeback or payment reversal. With that being said, you must attempt to resolve any issues with me directly before opening a chargeback, filing a dispute, or otherwise reversing a payment. I am always willing to work with my clients to reach a resolution so there’s rarely a need for any drastic measures like chargebacks or payment reversals. My payment and refund policies are clearly outlined within this terms of service agreement and all clients are required to read and agree to these terms prior to paying for an order or placing a deposit.

(b.) If you reverse a payment previously paid to Shawna Leigh Designs, you immediately lose the rights and ownership to any product and/or service or works created by Shawna Leigh Designs and all rights and ownership for created works shall be transferred back to Shawna Leigh Designs. Furthermore, you’ll be required to cease the use of the said works immediately. If the payment reversal was made in error or you wish to continue working with Shawna Leigh Designs after a reversal has been initiated, you’ll be subject to a service charge of up to $50 to cover financial institution fees.

(8.) Custom Price Quotes
I offer a full range of website and graphic design services. In order to receive a custom service that is not already offered on my website, you will need to request a custom price quote. Custom price quotes are valid for a period of 30 days.

Hours Of Operation
Typical hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5:00PM EST excluding national holidays, however, days and times may vary.

All website projects will be tested and compatible with the latest versions of Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari at the time of your project completion. Shawna Leigh Designs does not guarantee compatibility on any browser not previously listed, older versions of those previously listed, or that your website will be continuously compatible. You can hire Shawna Leigh Designs at a rate of $50/hour to fix browser related issues after your project is completed, should any issues arise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Shawna Leigh Designs does not offer guaranteed results on any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services nor does Shawna Leigh Designs guarantee that your website’s ranking will not drop or will not be penalized by search engines. The algorithm that search engines use to determine search results is always changing. What is the correct way today, may be the wrong way tomorrow. It’s because of this reason that you must assume all risks when ordering any SEO services from Shawna Leigh Designs.

Copyright & Ownership
Shawna Leigh Designs transfers all rights and ownership of custom designs, programming, graphics, and other visual elements that have been created or written by Shawna Leigh Designs specifically for the client’s project, to the client upon completion of the project. Any elements, software, graphics, stock photography, or programming owned by third parties shall remain under copyright of their respective owners. Shawna Leigh Designs reserve the right to display and/or link to any projects that Shawna Leigh Designs is commissioned to build or create on blog posts, social media websites, print media, and various websites throughout the internet. Shawna Leigh Designs reserves the right to resell custom designed websites that remain unpaid for by the original client, unaccepted mockups, or other graphics created by Shawna Leigh Designs that are not in legal use by the client.

Website Design Credit
All websites that Shawna Leigh Designs build will have a link displayed in the footer (bottom) of each page that link back to the Shawna Leigh Designs website. By ordering any website design service from Shawna Leigh Designs, you understand and agree that this link may not be altered or removed without consent from Shawna Leigh Designs. To receive consent to remove or alter the link, you must pay a fee of $50.00 USD. Removing or altering the link without consent from Shawna Leigh Designs is a violation of these terms.

By placing a deposit or paying for any of the services offered from Shawna Leigh Designs, you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to the terms listed above.

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