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Drive traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking with my Small Business SEO Services.

  • Improve Your Search Engine Ranking *
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  • NO Monthly Costs OR Long-Term Commitments
  • Starting At Only $75/Page
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Small Business SEO

* Results will vary based on your current website performance, industry, the duration of your efforts, and unforeseen circumstances such as algorithm updates. For more information, please see the FAQs section.

So, What Exactly Is SEO Anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of optimizing your online presence to influence your website’s ranking in search results. There’s many different parts to SEO, all of which can be broken down into two segments, on-page and off-page.

  • On-Page SEO focuses on what you can control your own website like content quality, page speed, and overall usability to make it more search engine friendly. It all starts with good on-page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO focuses on areas of optimization outside of your own website with the goal of increasing your website’s reputation. This type of SEO is usually time consuming and costly. I don’t offer this type of SEO right now.

Things You Should Know

  • Search engines have complex and mostly secret algorithms. Algorithms are what determines how a website ranks in search results and they are constantly changing. During a big algorithm update, it’s possible for top ranking websites to drop and low ranking websites to rise.
  • There’s plenty of ways your website can be penalized by search engines for not playing by the rules. Engaging in any sort of spam like keyword stuffing or unnatural link building will hurt your ranking and potentially get your website blacklisted. This is why it’s important to hire only credible SEO providers.
  • There’s no magical strategy that will make you rank on the first page overnight. It can take several months of strategic on-page and off-page SEO, trial and error, and monitoring to rank on the first page. This is especially true if you have a brand new website or you’re in a competitive market.

Ready To Improve Your Ranking? Choose Your Option Below

On-Page SEO

$75/Page (One-Time Service)

It all starts with good On-Page SEO. If your content isn’t search engine friendly, it will be difficult to improve your ranking. If you have enough, decent content to work with, you can choose this.

  • Proper Keyword Usage & Density
  • Optimized Page Snippets
  • Proper Link & Image Usage
  • Optimized Title & ALT Tags
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Usability Optimization
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On-Page SEO + Copywriting

$275/Page (One-Time Service)

Having quality content on your website plays a big part when it comes to ranking well. If you want your pages optimized but don’t have enough, decent content to work with, you should choose this.

  • Includes Everything Under On-Page SEO
  • Professional Copywriting Service
  • Topic Research
  • Up To 750 Words
  • You Own The Copyright
  • Custom Word Counts Available
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No. Although I do my best, I cannot guarantee ranking results with the Small Business SEO Services that I offer. Your ranking may stay the same, increase, or decrease depending on algorithm updates, other aspects of your SEO (such as Off-Page SEO, which I don’t offer), or factors that are completely out of my control.

Yes, especially if you purchased a package that included On-Page SEO. Every website that I build is search engine friendly, however, the extent to which it is optimized depends on a few different factors, including the quality of your content. It can still be beneficial to order my SEO Services, especially if you have new pages or if you would like to further improve your existing pages.

I recommend and use Yoast SEO for all of my client’s websites. It’s a free plugin that helps you maximize the optimization of your website and content.

Yes. At this time, I am focusing only on WordPress websites.

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