The past few years have been amazing! I’ve worked with hundreds of wonderful people from all over the world. In fact, I was so busy with client work, it was difficult to keep up with my own website, newsletters, and social media. Over the past few months, I have been working on a relaunch of Shawna Leigh Designs and I’m happy to say, it’s finally complete. Okay, there might still be a few small things here and there that still need done.. But, I’m off to a fantastic start going into the new year and I’ve never been more excited!

So What’s Changed?

The goal of this relaunch was to improve various aspects of my business and improve the overall client experience. Here’s just a few of the new things you’ll see around here…

Website Redesign – I’ve redesigned my website to be easier to read, understand, and follow. I’ve included more valuable information and have eliminated some things that just weren’t that important. Go ahead, take a look around!

Client Portal Redesign – The Client Portal is where existing clients of mine can manage their services, view their projects, and request support. I have completely redesigned the client portal to be more user friendly, while adding additional features that weren’t available before. Clients now have more flexibility over their active services, how they pay for them, and how they get support. In the coming months, I will also be contributing more to the Support Articles.

Website Package Adjustments – I made some small and various changes to my websites design packages. Please review them to see what’s changed. I have also added niche specific website packages, which can be found on the home page under Serving All Industries. The goal of creating niche packages, is to offer a website design service that is tailored to a specific industry.

What Else Has Changed?

Social Media – I have a plan to be more active on each of my social media accounts to be able to update, inform and interact with my followers. It’s my goal to provide you with helpful, well-thought out posts. I want you to stop and read them! I have some ideas but you’ll just have to wait until they’re completely rolled out!

Newsletters – If you’re already subscribed, I haven’t forgotten about you! I have plans to send more frequent and consistent newsletters which will include flash sales, helpful tips, special offers, and other important information. You don’t want to miss it! Not signed up yet? Subscribe now! I will never spam you or share your email with anyone!

Provide Your Feedback

I love hearing from my clients. After all, everything that I do is done with YOU in mind! Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, or maybe even some advice. Maybe you have an idea for a new service that you’d like me to offer. The bottom line is I want to hear from you, so let’s talk! You can fill out the contact form on my contact page or email me directly. Want to be more personal? Give me a call at 814-577-3659.

Want To Make 2020 YOUR Year?

2020 isn’t just a new year, it’s the start of a new decade! Right now is the perfect time to start preparing your website or online presence for the new year! If you’ve been thinking about a redesign, maybe a new logo, or anything else for your business, now is the time to act! Contact me to discuss your business goals for 2020 and let’s make it the best year ever!