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This is my full-time job, so I take my work very seriously.

I work by myself, but I have a select team of professionals that I can rely on when/if needed. When you hire me to work on your project, 99% of the time, I am the only one involved. On some occasions, I may seek the assistance of outside sources such as other designers/developers/administrators for behind-the-scenes work. In any case, I’ll be the only that you’ll correspond with about your project or service.

I’m usually working with 10-30 clients at any given time. If I don’t respond to you right away, it’s because I’m busy with another clients project or something in my personal life. It does not mean I’m ignoring you or that I am a scam. I frequently have clients sending 5-10 emails at a time and leaving 2-3 voicemails while I’m on the other line with another client. It slows me down when you’re impatient, so please, please try to be patient while I get to you.

Although very rare, it can happen. Whether it’s unforeseen circumstances or technical-related issues, things can happen where I may not be able to respond for an extended period of time.

The most common cause of a lapse in communication is emails, voicemails, or text messages that have been accidentally deleted or marked as junk. This can happen on both my end and my client’s end. If you were expecting to hear from me, but haven’t, please feel free to follow up. You can also try getting in touch a different way, such as a phone call instead of an email or vice-versa.

It’s okay to follow up!

Yes, however, the decision for me to offer text messaging to my clients is a privilege. Just like any privilege, if you abuse it, it will be taken away. I don’t mind an occasional text message asking about the status of a project/service or even a small update request. Just keep in mind that I keep track of client projects/services through email, not through text messaging.

No. You can be from anywhere in the world, in any time zone. I do my best to accommodate clients from different time zones by offering before/after hours support when needed. I’m located in Central Florida, which is Eastern Time.

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