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Frequently Asked Questions

(1.) I haven’t heard from you in over 3 hours. Are you getting my emails? Are you a scam?
I’m usually working with 10-30 clients at any given time. If I don’t respond to you right away, it’s because I’m busy with another clients project or something in my personal life. It does not mean I’m ignoring you or that I am a scam. Everyone want’s something yesterday so I frequently have impatient clients sending 5-10 emails at a time and leaving 2-3 voicemails WHILE I’m on the other line with another client. It slows me down when you’re impatient, so please, please try to be patient while I get to you.

(2.) Can I send you an occasional text message about my project?
Yes, however, the decision for me to offer text messaging to my clients is considered a privilege. Just like any privilege, if you abuse it, it will be taken away. I don’t mind an occasional text message asking about the status of a project or even a small update request. Just keep in mind that I keep track of client projects through email, not through text messaging.

(3.) If I buy a smaller package now, can I upgrade to the larger package later and only pay the difference?
It depends. If your project has just started and you decide that you want the larger package, it’s likely that you’ll be able to upgrade and only pay the difference. However, if your website has already been finished and live for a couple months, it will depend on a few different factors. In this case, it would be best to contact me and let me know what you’re interested in doing so I can give you the best price possible.

(4.) Is website hosting and domain registration included?
No. Website hosting and domain registration is not included in any package unless other specified. You can find more answers to your questions about hosting and domains on my Website Hosting page.

(5.) Will I be able to make updates to the website that you build for me?
Yes, however it all depends on your level of technical skill. All of the websites that I build are built on WordPress unless otherwise requested/specified. WordPress is a content management system that allows website owners to easily update their own content with little to no coding knowledge. If you’re unable to make the updates you desire yourself or simply don’t have the time to do it, you can hire me as-needed for $50 an hour or we can come up with a monthly maintenance plan.