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Every website needs a domain and at Shawna Leigh Designs, our pricing beats the competition!

No Surprise, Higher Renewal Costs Like Some Registrars! *

  • .COM, .NET, .ORG Domains Only $15/Year
  • Full Control Over Your Domain
  • Over 500 Extensions To Choose From

* We may adjust our prices from time to time to compensate for price increases set forth by ICANN.

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.COM Domain Registration

.COM domains are the most popular and sought after extensions. They are the ideal choice.


Register .COM
.NET Domain Registration

.NET domains are always a great alternative if your desired .COM is not currently available.


Register .NET
.ORG Domain Registration

.ORG domains are perfect for non-profits and other organizations and can help instill trust.


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.US Domain Registration

.US domains are perfect for any citizen or business of the great United States of America.


Register .US

Simple & Competitive Domain Pricing

We’re proud to offer some of the best, straightforward pricing in the industry! You always need to be careful which products or services other registrars sneak into your cart when registering a domain. At Shawna Leigh Designs, you’ll never have to deal with surprise charges or higher renewal costs. **

GoDaddy® – .COM Registration $18.99 + Privacy $9.99 = $28.98/Year*

Network Solutions® – .COM Registration $37.99 + Privacy $9.99 = $47.98/Year*

InMotion Hosting® – .COM Registration $15.99 + Privacy $12.99 = $28.98/Year*

Shawna Leigh Designs™ – .COM Registration $15 + Privacy $5 = $20/Year

* Comparison made on April 12, 2021 using information available on the website of each registrar. This comparison is provided for information purposes only. GoDaddy® is a registered trademark of GoDaddy, Inc. and Network Solutions® is a registered trademark of Group, Inc. and InMotion Hosting® is a registered trademark of InMotion Hosting, Inc. These names are being used only for the express purpose of this comparison.

** We may adjust our prices from time to time to compensate for price increases set forth by ICANN.

Domains Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection

When you register a domain with any registrar, your name, address, email address and phone number are published in the public WHOIS database as required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Therefore, bad people can use this database to gather information they can use for spam, scams, soliciting and even identity theft.

Domain Privacy Protection Can Help Protect You

Only $5/Year Per Domain

Privacy Protection is not available for all domain extensions.

What is a domain and what does it do?

Domains mask numerical IP addresses to make it easier to navigate the web. Just like a street address lets your customers find you in the real world, a domain lets your customers find you online, without having to remember a bunch of random numbers.

Domains IP Addresses Diagram
Domain Name Redirects

How many domains should I register?

You should register a domain for each business or idea that you have. Sometimes, it makes sense to register multiple domains for the same business or idea.

Example: If your business name is Barney’s Pools, you may want to register in addition to

You can also register other popular extensions so that no one else gets them and competes with your business.

Example: If your main domain is, it would be a good idea to also register and simply have the .net version redirect to the .com version. If you register your domain(s) through Shawna Leigh Designs, we can easily handle all custom redirects for you!

What can I do if my domain is easily misspelled?

Some domains can be tricky to spell because of spelling variations. Therefore, it’s common for people to misspell a domain and end up somewhere they don’t belong. You can easily solve this by registering multiple domains with common spelling errors or variations.

Example: Our domain is Both Shawna and Leigh can be easily misspelled due to spelling variations. To combat this, we’ve registered several domains with different spelling variations. This way, if someone accidentally types in, they will still end up at

$15/year is a small price to pay to ensure you’re not missing out on any potential customers.

Domain Misspellings
Domains With Many Characters

How many characters should my domain be?

It’s best to keep your domain as short as you can, but sometimes it’s not possible. Therefore, it can help to register a short domain in addition to your main domain.

Example: is a fairly long domain, coming in at 18 characters. So, we’ve also registered This shorter domain is much easier to spell and remember while on the go. It’s also perfect for marketing campaigns where a shorter domain is ideal. And, we can redirect it anywhere we need to.

Domain Registration FAQs

Yes. You will have access to your domains at all times through the Client Portal. You’ll have the ability to manage settings, update WHOIS information and even transfer the domain away from Shawna Leigh Designs at any time.

Domains are yours until you let them expire. Once you let a domain expire (purposely or accidentally), it will become available for anyone to register again. You can continue using your domain for as long as you’d like as long as you pay the yearly renewal costs.

No. If you already have a domain registered somewhere else, you don’t need to transfer it to Shawna Leigh Designs to use our services. However, there are several benefits to transferring your domain to Shawna Leigh Designs, easy, all-in-one management and our competitive pricing.

It costs money to move domains around. Therefore, we made it so that the cost to transfer a domain is equivalent to one year of registration, which also extends your registration by one full year!

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