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What is a domain?

Just like an address lets your customers find your business in the real world, a domain lets your customers find you online. Domains are simply an easy way for people to find and remember you.

Why do I need a domain?

If you want to have an online presence, it’s absolutely necessary to have a domain. Registering a domain also reserves it so no one else can register it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to register your business name/brand, idea or project as soon as possible so that no one gets it.

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Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

When you register a domain with any registrar, your name, address, email address and phone number are published in the public WHOIS database as required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Email and telephone spammers often use this database to gather emails and addresses they can use for spam, scams, soliciting and even identity theft.

Domain Privacy Protection Can Help Protect You

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.COM Domain Registration

.COM domains are the most popular and sought after. They are always a solid choice.


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.NET Domain Registration

.NET domains are always a great alternative if your desired .COM is not currently available.


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.ORG Domain Registration

.ORG domains are perfect for non-profits and other organizations and can help instill trust.


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.US Domain Registration

.US domains are perfect for any citizen or business of the great United States of America.


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Domain Tips

TIP 1. When choosing a domain, it’s important for the domain to make sense and have some correlation with your website or business. You don’t need keyword specific domain names to make your website rank well. Although it may help, there are many other important factors that go into increasing your search ranking – so don’t limit your domain choices. It’s okay to be creative, unique and have fun with it.

TIP 2. It’s important to choose a domain that is easy to remember and spell. The shorter the domain, the easier it can be to remember and spell. Long domains can look like spam and be difficult to remember. There’s no set limit on how many characters your domain should be, but the average domain is about 15 characters long. Also if you must use a hyphen due to availability, try to limit hyphen usage to one or less.

TIP 3. Which domain extension (.COM, .NET, etc.) you choose is up to you, but it often comes down to availability. .COM’s are always going to be the most popular and sought after domain extension. If you can get your hands on a good .COM, you’re golden. But again, don’t think that you NEED a .COM to make your website rank well. .NET, .ORG, .CO and sometimes .BIZ are all good alternatives if your .COM is not available. It all comes down to how well you market your new domain.

TIP 4. You don’t need to host your website with your domain registrar or vice versa. A lot of domain registrars also offer website hosting, just like a lot of website hosting providers also offer domain registration services. You can have your website hosting with one company and your domain registration with a different company. This allows you to choose the best services for both domain registration and website hosting, two equally important website requirements.

Domain FAQs

No. If you already have a domain registered at another registrar, you don’t need to transfer it to me in order to use my services. There are added benefits of transferring your domain to Shawna Leigh Designs such as convenience, preferred pricing and optional premium features.

Yes. You will have access to your domains at all times via the client portal. You’ll have the ability to manage settings, update WHOIS information and even transfer the domain away from Shawna Leigh Designs at any time.

Paying for a domain transfer is an industry-wide standard. The cost of a domain transfer is the same as the cost to register a domain. It will also extend your registration by one full year from your current expiration date.

Domains are yours until you let them expire. Once a domain expires (whether you let it expire on purpose or by accident), it will become available for anyone to register again. You can continue using your domain for as long as you’d like as long as you pay the yearly renewal costs.

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