Domain Name Registration

All websites require a domain name, so you’ll need to register a domain for your new website. Choosing a domain can be difficult and even frustrating at times. Just when you think you’ve thought of a great domain name idea, you go to register it and find that it’s already been taken. Luckily ICANN, (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has recognized this issue and is releasing hundreds of new TLD’s (Top Level Domains).

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Domain Tips

When choosing a domain, it’s important for the domain to make sense and have some correlation with your website. You don’t need keyword specific domain names to make your website rank well. Although it may help, there are many other important factors that go into increasing your search ranking – so don’t limit your domain choices. It’s okay to be creative, unique, and have fun with it.

Which domain extension (.COM, .NET, etc.) you choose is also totally up to you and often comes down to availability. .COM’s are always going to be the most popular and sought after domain extension. If you can get your hands on a good .COM, you’re golden. But again, don’t think that you need a .COM to make your website rank well. .NET, .ORG, .CO, and even .BIZ are all good alternatives if your .COM is not available. It all comes down to how well you market your new domain.

You don’t need to host your website with your domain registrar or vice versa. A lot of domain registrars also offer website hosting, just like a lot of website hosting providers also offer domain registration services. You can have your website hosting with one company and your domain registration with a different company. This allows you to choose the best services for both domain registration, and website hosting – two equally important website requirements.