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Affordable Real Estate Website Design Services for real estate agents, real estate companies, and property owners.

  • Professionally Designed Website Built on WordPress
  • MLS Import Via RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standards)
  • Search Engine Friendly For Higher Google Ranking
  • Easy Agent & Frontend Management
  • Unlimited Revisions For 60 Business Days
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Real Estate Website Design Services


* $245 Value. Domain not included. Hosting and Premium SSL Certificate will renew at then-current pricing, unless cancelled. No hidden fees, no hassles!



WAS $1495 | NOW ONLY $995!

You won’t find a better deal if you factor in MY QUALITY & EXPERTISE!

Cheap Real Estate Website Design Service

I know what you’re thinking… “Cheap” It’s not a bad thing, though! It just depends who you work with. Websites don’t need to cost thousands of dollars these days. I can provide you with a cheap real estate website design service that will leave you ahead of your competition AND money left in the bank!

The real estate industry relies heavily on professionally designed websites to showcase their properties, so don’t settle for less. If you do, your competition will eat you up!

Easily Import Real Estate Listings Via RETS

The real estate websites that I build come with many options and features (scroll down to see). Many of which, you’d expect from a real estate website. One of the more notable features is the ability to import listings from your MLS via RETS. This means that the listing data is actually part of your website and not displayed through a frame. This is better for search engine rankings and improves overall user experience.


I’m sure you’ve seen awesome real estate websites where the listings fit seamlessly into the overall design. You’ve also seen real estates that have a cookie-cutter appearance. The difference is likely to be RETS and IDX. RETS allows you to import MLS data directly into your website’s database so it can be appropriately pulled to the correct locations according to the design.

With IDX Framing, you’ll embed a script or iframe into your website and what you see is what you get. Not only do you not have control over the user experience, loading extra scripts can slow down your website. In addition, listings that are embedded through an external script aren’t actually a part of your website. Therefore, search engines don’t rank this type of content very high. This is why you’ll want to consider an MLS that offers RETS and a website designer that knows how to implement it.


Your new real estate website will connect to your MLS server via RETS. This enables your website to pull real listing data so that it can truly become part of your website.


Meet Your Designer Before You Hire!

Hey, I’m Shawna! I’m a freelance website designer and I have over 7 years experience building websites in various industries including real estate. When you hire me, I’ll listen to your needs, ideas, and goals to help you build an effective real estate website that not only looks great, but also serves it’s purpose.

Your satisfaction is my top priority and my ultimate goal is to help you succeed!

Ready to get started? Review my Cheap Real Estate Website Design Package below!

Real Estate WordPress Package

ONLY $995 OR 2 PAYMENTS OF $525 ($1050 TOTAL)

The Real Estate WordPress Package is perfect for real estate agents, real estate companies, and even landlords or property owners that wish to showcase their properties online. You’ll get a high quality website with all the tools needed to compete with even the largest and prestigious portfolios.

What’s Included:

  • Premium, Mobile Friendly Design
  • Unlimited Revisions For 60 Days
  • Security & Performance Add-Ons
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • No Hidden / Recurring Fees
  • Pulls Real MLS Data (No Frames)
  • Showcase Unlimited Listings
  • Photo Galleries & Video Embedding
  • Custom Property Labels & Fields
  • PDF Listing Brochure Generator
  • Advanced Search Features
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Map Views
  • Multiple Agents
  • PayPal Subscriptions (optional)
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, request a free quote, or call me at 814-577-3659 You can also text me!

~ Shawna

Cheap Real Estate Website Design FAQs

What if my MLS provider does not offer RETS integration?
If your MLS provider does not offer RETS, you’ll need to create listings manually or use IDX Frames, if they offer it. Otherwise, you can choose an MLS provider that does offer the latest in real estate technology. If you would like to discuss your needs, please contact me.

Do I need a special type of website hosting?
You’ll need website hosting that allows the use of server crons for automatic tasks. When you purchase this real estate website package, you’ll get 1 year of FREE website hosting and a premium SSL Certificate. ($245/yr value)