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Start selling online with my affordable eCommerce website design services! I’ll build your website, help configure it, and answer all of your questions! Only 2 Payments Of $625!

  • Built on WordPress with WooCommerce

  • 100% Custom, Mobile Friendly Design

  • Search Engine Friendly For Improved Ranking

  • Dedicated Help & Support For Your Success!

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Cheap eCommerce Website Design Overview

Forget those eCommerce platforms that take a percentage of your sales or charge massive monthly fees. If your business sells online, my cheap eCommerce website design services can help boost your sales and maximize efficiency, while saving you money. When you choose to have your own eCommerce website, you’re in charge – not someone else!

You need an eCommerce expert! Consumers demand the very best in design, simplicity and security when they’re shopping online. Poorly constructed, slow eCommerce websites built with do-it-yourself website builders are not very effective. I’ll use my skills to create you a professional and modern website that your customers will love and your competition will envy!


I offer a cheap eCommerce website design package (scroll down) that’s perfect for most businesses. You should review the details of the package to see if it will work for you. If you have any questions or if you need something different, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

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Cheap eCommerce Website Design Built With WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin that can turn any regular WordPress website into an online store. Best of all, it’s 100% open source and free to use, so there’s no monthly subscription fees like other eCommerce options. When you combine WooCommerce with WordPress, you’ll be able to easily make updates to your online store without being a coding expert.

eCommerce Website Updates & Maintenance

Once your website is complete, you’ll need to decide who will handle the on-going website updates and maintenance. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire me, I’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to succeed.

I include a personalized video walk-through that will help you familiarize yourself with your new website. This is a valuable learning asset that can be reverted back to anytime. At the end of your project, you’ll also receive a helpful send-off guide that will outline maintenance tasks and other important details related to your new website.

If you choose to hire me for website updates and maintenance, I’m available on an as-needed or monthly basis based on your needs.

Affordable Search Engine Friendly Website Design

When it comes to SEO, there’s technical aspects that need to be covered right from the beginning. Search engines expect your website to be built and structured a certain way to be included in their search results.

Your website needs to be built in a search engine friendly manner, otherwise it may never reach it’s full ranking potential. I build all of my websites to be search engine friendly based on the latest recommendations and requirements.

Search Engine Friendly Doesn’t Mean You’ll Rank #1

I like to be upfront with my clients. As an affordable website designer, it’s my duty to ensure you’re aware of common misconceptions. I work with many clients that think just by building a “search engine friendly” website, they will rank on the first page of Google. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The results found on the first page of search engines are the most sought after positions on the internet. It takes time and honest effort to show up there.

Because SEO is such a hot topic and there’s a lot of misinformation out there, I’ve decided to offer my own take and guidance on SEO to help you. You’ll get free access to my Beginners Guide To SEO immediately after your order, so you can start learning and planning your next steps.

Beginners Guide To SEO ($29/value) FREE WITH YOUR PURCHASE

eCommerce Website Security

When you run any kind of website, security is paramount. This is especially true with eCommerce websites since you’re collecting and processing sensitive customer data. With ever increasing security concerns, it’s necessary to be pro-active with software updates and security vulnerability patches to help prevent data loss and/or theft.

Download my FREE eCommerce Security Questionnaire!

Website Hosting & Domain For Your eCommerce Website

You’ll need quality website hosting, a domain, and an SSL certificate for your new eCommerce website. And thanks to my partners at LiquidWeb, I’m able to offer the perfect hosting solutions for your new website all under one roof!

I offer website hosting starting at only $95/year and most domains are only $15/year. Premium SSL certificates are only $45/year (compared to GoDaddy at $79.99/year).

Benefits of hosting with Shawna Leigh Designs:

  • No hassles and guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your new website.
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden costs or higher renewal fees.
  • Server performance is monitored 24/7 by highly trained technicians at Liquid Web.
  • Host your website in a premier, private US data center located in Lansing, Michigan.

If you don’t want to host your website with Shawna Leigh Designs, then I recommend hosting your website at LiquidWeb.

Cheap eCommerce Website Design Financing Options

Even though I offer cheap eCommerce website design services, I recognize that some clients still wish to finance their website design project. The following financing options are available through Shawna Leigh Designs:

Option 1: Half Now & Half Later Payment Plans

If your website project costs $600 or more, you can pay 50% now to get your project started and the remaining 50% is due exactly 45 days later or before your website goes live, whichever comes first. Terms and conditions apply. For full details please see the Payment Plans terms and conditions.

Option 2: PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit is a fast and easy way to finance your website design project. When paying for services, simply choose PayPal, then select PayPal Credit to complete your purchase. (subject to credit approval)

PayPal Credit Website Design Financing

Fore more information about PayPal Credit, please visit the official PayPal Credit website.

eCommerce WordPress Package


Ultimate choice for anyone that sells online, no matter if it’s physical or digital products, or if you’re a drop shipper, manufacturer, affiliate, or a reseller.

Click each toggle for more details.

With a larger budget comes more design flexibility. Keep it simple or put my skills to the test with something more complex.

I’ll design you a Complex and Fancy, 15 Page Website, that’s built on the Divi theme. It will be mobile friendly and work on all devices. I can add additional pages for $25/each. You can also add additional pages on your own once the website is complete.

What is a “Complex and Fancy” website?
Complex & Fancy websites typically have a more intricate design with extra design elements and styling to make it stand out and be truly one of a kind.

What is Divi? Divi is a Premium, All-Purpose WordPress Theme that allows designers to build and design virtually any type of website. I’ll supply your license for one full year once your website goes live! After that, you can optionally renew the theme license for $40/year.

Once I send you the initial website design concept to look at, you’ll have 60 business days of unlimited revisions to review the website and provide feedback or change requests until you’re satisfied with it. Once you send a list of changes that you’d like to see, it can take me a few business days to implement them and respond with an update.

If your website is not finished after 60 business days, as a courtesy, I’ll make 1 final round of revisions to help finish it up. If it’s still not complete after that, I can continue working on your website for my standard hourly rate of $50/hour.

This timeframe helps me ensure that projects are not dragged on longer than they need to be.

Choose up to 15 high quality and legally licensed stock photos from Browse through millions of photos and once you find the ones you want, simply take note of the URLs or the Image IDs and I’ll acquire them for your project.

Extra images can be purchased for $25/per 10.

I’ll create up to 5 online forms (contact form, application form, etc.) with inputs to collect the information you need. When someone submits the form, the details within will be sent to an email of your choice.

If you already have a logo, I’ll integrate it into your new website. No logo? No worries! I’ll create a very simple, text based logo for your website or you can order my Professional Logo Design Services with a $25 discount!

Use social media? I’ll link to each of your social media profiles via branded or customized icons.

You also get Social Media Connect, which means we can integrate various features like social media feeds, login, comments and more through available APIs.

Also included is a fully customized Social Media Branding Kit, which includes everything you need to deck out your social media profiles. Available for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Submitting your website to Google & Bing ensures that your website will be indexed in their search results. I’ll help you with this task by providing step by step instructions and a video walk-through, along with additional support if needed.

Once your website is complete, I’ll create a personalized video walk-through for you. I’ll show you the basics of how things work, where to make common edits or updates, and anything else that you’ll need to know going forward. You’ll be able to revert back to this valuable asset anytime!

You also get a 30 minute screen share session where I can see your screen as I walk you through your website over the phone. It’s like I’m sitting right next to you!

I offer free support via email to all of my clients for general support, questions, and guidance.

You also get 30 minutes of phone support once your website is complete. Use it for questions, training, or anything else you can think up.

Get Started

Some eCommerce service providers limit how many products you can list and how many orders you can receive per month. That’s simply ridiculous. When you run your own eCommerce shop, there’s no limits! You can list one product or thousands of products, receive one order per month or thousands of orders per month… You’re in complete control!

You’ll be able to list physical products that you ship, digital or downloadable products, and even create products with external affiliate links. Products are easily added through the inventory management area or via a properly formatted .csv file for bulk imports.

Switching from a different eCommerce service provider or shopping cart? In most cases, I can transfer your existing products to your new store! There is an extra cost associated with this. The price will vary based on the service/shopping cart used, the number of products, and if you wish to transfer existing customers and orders.

Take full control of your inventory whether you have one product or thousands of products. Automatic email notifications can let you know when stock is running low.

Don’t need Inventory Management? You can disable it all together.

Built in tax calculators will allow you to easily calculate and collect tax for customer orders, based on set criteria. You’ll be able to have multiple tax zones that can be triggered down to the zip code. These can get a bit complicated, but as long as you know which taxes you’re suppose to be collecting, I’ll set them up for you!

Customers will also be able to calculate shipping costs based on your chosen settings. So, no matter whether you have flat rates, table rates, or real-time pricing, your customers will always see accurate shipping pricing.

If you’re selling physical products that you ship, you’ll want a way for your customers to calculate and pay for shipping costs. WooCommerce has 3 integrated shipping options that are included and can be customized to fit your business needs.

Shipping Options Included:
– Flat Rate (charge one, flat rate regardless of order size or total)
– Table Rate (example; orders totaling $0 to $100 cost $6.95 to ship, orders totaling $101 to $500 cost $12.95 to ship)
– Free Shipping (on all orders, or on minimum order total)

Optional Shipping Plugins:
These Optional Shipping Plugins connect to your shipping partner through API to provide live, up-to-date pricing based on order size and weight.

United States Postal Service +$100.00
United Parcel Service +$100.00
Federal Express +$100.00
Canada Post +$100.00

Other free and premium shipping gateways may be available. If you need something that’s not listed, just let me know.

Don’t need Shipping Calculators? (for example; if you’re selling digital products) You can disable this feature all together.

WooCommerce comes bundled with PayPal Standard, Checks/Money Orders and Bank/Wire Transfer for accepting payments. Other payment gateways can be integrated for free or an additional cost. Please see the options below…

Available Payment Gateways:
– PayPal Standard (accept credit cards and payments on PayPal website) – MOST POPULAR
– Bank/Wire Transfer (also known as bacs)
– Checks/Money Orders (old school)
Amazon Pay

Other Payment Gateways:
Other payment gateways may be available for free or an additional cost. If you’re interested in using a payment gateway that is not listed above, just let me know. Some payment gateways will increase your PCI compliance responsibilities and requirements. If you’re new to selling online, I highly recommend choosing a payment gateway listed above to help keep things simple and costs low.

Save time, increase accuracy, and monitor your business’ financial health by connecting your online store with Quickbooks. This fully automated and real-time solution allows you to sync orders, products, payments, inventory, and more. It’s compatible with QuickBooks Online, Desktop and POS.

Don’t see quite what you need? Request A FREE Price Quote! Or Call 814-577-3659

Cheap eCommerce Website Design FAQs

There are two ways of accepting credit cards. The easiest and cheapest way is to use a “third-party gateway” like PayPal or Stripe. A third-party gateway will usually transfer your customers away from your website for them to make a credit card payment. Once the payment processing is complete, they will be returned to your website.

The other way is to use a traditional “merchant gateway” like PayPal Pro, or a service offered through your bank. A merchant gateway will allow you to accept/process credit cards directly on your website without your customers ever leaving your website. You will also be able to accept credit cards over the phone, by mail, and in person with a card machine. This method usually takes longer to setup and often costs more. Processing credit cards this way will increase your PCI Compliance requirements.

Commonly known as “PayPal Standard”, it’s a free “third-party gateway” that will allow you to accept standard PayPal payments and credit card payments away from your website. PayPal Pro is an actual “merchant gateway” that costs about $30/month and allows you to directly accept/process credit cards right on your website, as well as over the phone, by mail, and in-person with a card machine. PayPal Pro requires additional PCI Compliance.

All WordPress websites utilize themes. I design WordPress websites on highly rated, universal themes that can be completely customized and tailored to your individual needs. Since these themes are already developed, it saves time and money by focusing only on the design versus the design AND development.

You’ll be able to manually add products to the site through the website’s admin area. You’ll be able to enter the product title, description, image, price, and other various product values. Once you save the product, it will be live on your site. You can also import products via a properly formatted .csv file.

In most cases, yes. There is an additional cost to transfer products to your new website. You can request a quote by letting me know which eCommerce platform you currently use, along with how many products you have.

Yes! Even if you are not accepting credit cards, you will need an SSL Certificate to protect your customer’s data. If you host with me, I offer Premium SSL certificates starting at $45/year. Premium SSL certificates offer added benefits like $10,000.00+ warranties, static and dynamic site seals, and more.

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