I’ve been getting reports that some of my clients are receiving unsolicited letters, calls, and emails about renewing their hosting, domains, and/or SSL certificates. These letters, phone calls, and emails can look and sound very legitimate.

However, don’t be fooled! They are meant to trick you!

There are unethical businesses and scammers out there that send this type of communication in order to trick you into paying them.

Here is just one example of such communication…

How To Avoid Deceptive Scams Like This

No matter how legitimate the communication may seem, STAYING VIGILANT is the best defense for these types of deceptive scams. If you ever receive a phone call, letter, or email that you’re not sure of, please contact me for assistance and verification. My official contact information can always be found on my contact page.

In addition, If you know that your website, domain, and/or SSL certificate is provided by Shawna Leigh Designs, you should ignore any communication that is not directly from Shawna Leigh Designs. Nobody else should ever be contacting you about these services unless it’s a solicitation or scam.

Helpful Information For Shawna Leigh Designs Clients

– I never send paper statements, bills, or receipts through the mail. This information is kept secured in your Client Portal Account. If you receive anything in the mail, it should be immediately regarded as spam, junk mail or a scam. Please snap a picture and email or text it to me so that it can be investigated and others can be made aware.

– If you receive a phone call from ANYONE other than me, Shawna, that is claiming to represent or to be working with Shawna Leigh Designs in any way, you should immediately hang up and report the incident to me. No one is ever authorized to contact you on behalf of Shawna Leigh Designs, unless you’re made aware of such communication beforehand.

– Emails can be tricky because they’re easy to replicate. However, emails that are directly related to your services will always greet you by your first and last name, along with your company name, if applicable and be clearly marked from Shawna Leigh Designs. As an added security measure, a complete email history is stored in your Client Portal Account, which you can access anytime to determine the authenticity of an email. If you receive a suspicious email, please forward it to me so that it can be investigated.

– If you receive a phone call from someone telling you that your SSL certificate is about to expire, there’s a good chance that it’s true. Certificate expiration dates can be seen by anyone. However, unethical companies and scammers are calling customers whose SSL certificates are about to expire urging them to switch service providers. Shawna Leigh Designs handles SSL certificates automatically, so as long as you pay your bill on time, your SSL certificate will never expire. Please see the following Federal Trade Commission Article to help you report potentially dangerous calls like these.

Do You Have Questions/Concerns?
I take security and scams very seriously when it involves my clients. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me anytime via the contact information found on my contact page.

Remember, stay vigilant!