Get a finished website in just a single day with my 1 Day Website Design Service! Perfect for anyone that likes or needs to get things done quickly!

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  • All Day, One-On-One Focus & Attention

  • Avoid Weeks Worth Of Back & Forth

  • 3 Days Extended Support Included

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The 1 Day Website Design Service is the quickest and most efficient way to get a professional website fast. Once you have completed the minimal preparation like gathering your logo and your content, you will choose the one day that is entirely dedicated to your project. You will work directly with Shawna to quickly build your website in 1 day.

By 5pm est on the day you choose, your website will be launched and ready to promote to the public!


1 Day WordPress Package


Best choice for businesses and individuals wanting to make a big statement with a professional website in just one day.

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I’ll build you a custom website that’s designed on the Divi theme. The website will built and designed to your specifications and preferences. If you don’t have a design preference, I’ll use my skills to come up with a professional design based on your industry. It will be mobile friendly and work on all devices.

Includes up to 8 pages! I can add additional pages for $25/each. However, due to the time constraints with this service, additional pages may need to be added the next day or two to ensure your website is launched within 1 day.

What is Divi? Divi is a Premium, All-Purpose WordPress Theme that allows designers to build and design virtually any type of website. I’ll supply your license for one year once your website goes live! After that, you can optionally renew the theme license for $40/year..

You get a full 8-9 hour day of dedicated, one-on-one attention for your project. During this time, we’ll communicate via Phone, Email and/or Text Message while I build out your website until it’s complete. You’ll get unlimited revisions to the website right up until launch time, which is aimed to be around 5PM EST.

If for any reason you purposely or inadvertently delay the launch time, we’ll go into overtime until the website is finished and launched. Overtime is charged at an hourly rate of $65/hour. If the launch time is delayed due to something on my end, there’s no additional cost. This is usually not a problem as long as you’re prepared and dedicate the day to communicating with me.

Once your website is launched, you’ll have 3 additional days to request changes, updates, or to make any last-minute adjustments.

You can choose up to 10 high quality and legally licensed stock photos from 123rf.com. Browse through millions of photos and once you find the ones you want, simply take note of the URLs or the Image IDs and I’ll acquire them for your project. We can also use imagery that you supply.

I’ll create up to 5 online forms (contact form, job application form, etc. – whatever you need) with inputs to collect the information you need. When someone submits the form, the details within will be sent to an email of your choice.

If you already have a logo, I’ll integrate it into your new website. No logo? No worries! I’ll create a very simple, text based logo for your website.

If you choose, you can also order my Professional Logo Design Services. However, logo design services usually take about a week or so to complete, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Use social media? I’ll link to each of your social media profiles via branded or customized icons.

You also get Social Media Connect, which means we can integrate various features like social media feeds, login, comments and more through available APIs.

Also included is a fully customized Social Media Branding Kit, which includes everything you need to deck out your social media profiles. Available for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The Social Media Branding Kit is separate from your website, therefore, may be completed within a day or two after your website is launched.

Submitting your website to Google & Bing ensures that your website will be indexed in their search results. I’ll help you with this task by providing step by step instructions and a video walk-through, along with additional support if needed. This task will be completed within 1-3 days after your website is launched and only at your request.

Once your website is complete, I’ll create a personalized video walk-through for you. I’ll show you the basics of how things work, where to make common edits or updates, and anything else that you’ll need to know going forward. You’ll be able to revert back to this valuable asset anytime!

I offer free support via email to all of my clients for general support, questions, and guidance.

You also get 30 minutes of phone support after your website is launched. Use it anytime after your website is launched for questions, training, or anything else you can think up.

Optional Extras & Add-Ons:

I can integrate and setup a variety of marketing tools and website add-ons to meet your needs. Although many can be added at no additional cost, some extras may have their own pricing.

  • Live Chat
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Surveys
  • Popups
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Website Insights
  • Buy Now Buttons (via PayPal)
  • Basic Appointment Booking & Scheduling
  • Security Tools & Features
  • Performance Optimization Tools

NOT INCLUDED: eCommerce (see eCommerce Package), Membership Functionality, Custom Portals with Login, and some other elaborate add-ons.

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1 Day Website Design Service Overview

You get to pick the day that we build your website when you place your order. (ready? click here to get started) Prior to the day that you choose, you will need to send me a couple things like your logo, content, and any design ideas or preferences that you have. You will also need to have website hosting and a domain ready so that we can launch the website as soon as it’s complete. Don’t have hosting or a domain? No worries! I offer affordable website hosting and domain registration. Using these services through me will avoid delays and make the entire launching process much easier.

On The Day You Choose

On the day of your scheduled service, you will need to be available by Phone, Email and/or Text Message with access to a desktop/laptop computer. This is extremely important. If you are delayed during any part of the day, your entire project may be delayed. It’s imperative that we stay in constant contact to ensure your website is completed in 1 day.

Throughout the day, I’ll be building the website, making adjustments and asking you to review the website several times. You’ll need to do this on a desktop or laptop computer. Once the full version (as seen on desktops/laptops) of the website is completed, I’ll make the necessary adjustments so that the website looks great and functions on mobile devices.

Launch Time

Once the website is ready to be launched, I’ll transfer it to your website hosting account and domain to make it live on the web. During this time, I will also perform any last minute testing to ensure everything is working as it should. For the next 3 days, you’ll be able to request updates, changes requests or anything else that you need. I will also send you any final tutorials, documents and your personalized video walk-through.



Schedule Your Service

When you schedule, make sure you choose a day you can dedicate yourself so we can collaborate efficiently together. Allow enough time so you can gather all required materials needed to get started, including your logo, finalized content, and website images.

Introductory Call

Once you’ve schedule the 1 day website design service, we’ll go over your project by phone. During this time, I’ll learn about your business and answer any questions you might have. I’ll also let you know what your responsibilities are between then and launch.

Launch Preparation

In order to launch your website on time, you should have a domain and hosting account setup at least 24 hours beforehand. During your introductory call, we’ll cover different hosting options and I’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about these services.


WordPress Install & Setup

To begin your 1 Day Website Build, I’ll handle the WordPress installation, security plugin setup, and SEO plugin setup right off the bat. This will ensure we have a solid foundation for your website right from the beginning.

Home Page Design

Next, we’ll focus on creating a stellar home page for your new website. This will help set the tone for the rest of the website. Once I have a draft for you to check out, we can discuss it in real-time by phone, email, and/or text message.

Inner Pages Design

Now that the home page is finished, we’ll focus on the inner pages of the website. These pages typically carry the same design used from the home page, but we’ll give each page their own unique look and feel based on their purpose.

Third-Party Integrations

Once all of the pages are finished, we’ll integrate and required third-party plugins or services. This includes things like newsletter sign-up integration, PayPal buttons, social media feeds, event calendars, and more.

Final Review

Once the entire website is complete, we’ll go through a final review to tie up any lose ends or make last minute adjustments based on your feedback. This is your last chance to make adjustments before we make the website live.

Launch & Celebrate

Now that your website is ready to launch, I’ll transfer it to your hosting account and domain so that it’s live on the web. During this time, I’ll also perform final testing to ensure everything is working as it should. It’s now time to celebrate!


Last-Minute Adjustments

Now that your website is live, you’ll have the next 3 days to request any final, last-minute changes, adjustments, or additions to your new website. This can include things you may have forgotten or simply changed your mind about.

Tutorials & Support

Once your website is finished, I’ll send you a personalized video walk-through. This video will help you get familiar with your website so that you can make updates on your own. You’ll also get unlimited email support for general questions.

On-Going Maintenance

Successful websites are those that are regularly updated and maintained. If you have the time, you can choose the DIY method of updating and managing your website. Otherwise, I can handle this for you at a reasonable rate.


Schedule Your Launch Date



  • the 1-Day WordPress Package (see above)
  • 1 hour introductory phone call
  • 8 to 9 hours devoted to your project the scheduled day
  • 3 days extended support after your site is launched
  • a video walk-through tutorial on how to edit your existing content
  • on-going email support for general questions and guidance
  • documents and checklists to aide you during this process

Not Included:

  • website hosting & domain
  • logo design services
  • on-going SEO services
  • advanced features like eCommerce functionality, membership websites, forums, etc.
  • website updates and maintenance after the first 3 days of website launch
  • some other elaborate or time-consuming requests

In order to allow enough time to design each page and complete your website within 1 day, the 1 Day Website Design Service comes with up to 8 pages. If you need additional pages, they are $25/each, but depending on time constraints, they will likely need to be added the following day or two.

If you don’t need a full 8 pages, then that lets us have more time to work on the pages you do need.

In order for the day you choose to be productive, I’ll generally need the items listed below. We will also discuss this during the introductory phone call.

This Includes:

  • A Completed Questionnaire – This questionnaire will have a lot of important information that I need to gather from you about your new website.
  • High-Quality Logo Files – In order to make your website look it’s best, I’ll need a high quality version of your logo. If you don’t have a logo, I offer Professional Logo Design Services as a separate service or I can include a text-based logo for free.
  • Final Website Copy -You’ll need to have your finalized website content ready. This includes completed text, imagery or anything else you want on the website. To ensure the best use of our time, please proofread your content and fix any grammatical issues before sending it. Constantly making small adjustments to a sentence will only delay the the launch of your website and take time away from more important areas. REMEMBER; the content can always be changed later!
  • Account Logins – I’ll need access to any accounts that will be connected to your website including the website hosting and the place where your domain is registered. I’ll let you know exactly what I will need during our introductory phone call and throughout the project (if necessary).

Yes! You need to be available during the website build so that you can quickly provide feedback and provide crucial information. You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer (not a mobile device) so that you can see the full, desktop version of the website. Once the desktop version of the website is finalized, I’ll revert back and make everything function and look nice on mobile.

Typically, there should not be any reason that we can’t meet the 5PM launch time as long as we are both well-prepared. However, things like slow communication, indecisiveness, or issues providing account logins can all slow down a project and cause it to go past the 5PM launch time. If your website is still not ready to launch by 5PM, that means I’ll be working overtime with you until it is launched. The hourly rate for any overtime is $65/hour.

If a project is delayed due to something on my end, there’s no additional charge.

Please keep in mind that not only will delays cost you more money, they also cost me time. Delays cause a ripple effect, so it’s best for both of us to stay 100% focused on the completion of your project so that it does not fall behind.

Yes! Once your website is launched, you’ll have an additional 3 days of support to make last minute adjustments, perform updates, etc. Beyond that, you can hire me anytime on an as-needed or monthly basis for website updates or maintenance.

Yes, you will need website hosting and a domain if you don’t already have these. I offer extremely good website hosting starting at just $120/year, thanks to my partners at Liquid Web. If you don’t already have a domain, most .com domains are only $15/year.

All hosting plans at Shawna Leigh Designs includes a basic, SSL certificate. You can learn more about Shawna Leigh Designs hosting services here: https://www.shawnaleighdesigns.com/website-hosting/

Yes, the initial SEO of your website will be completed as your website is built. However, extensive, on-going SEO services are not included as actual SEO services can be very time consuming and expensive.

Your website will also come with the free version of Yoast SEO, one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast SEO will allow you to manage and monitor the SEO of your website directly from your WordPress administration area. They have extensive documentation you can refer to at anytime and they even offer SEO training courses directly on their website.

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